World Future Energy Summit
World Future Energy Summit

5-6, December  2018
Kempinski – Dead Sea
World Future Energy Summit
6th General Conference of Arab Union of Electricity
Electricity in the Arab World- Current Status And Future Aspirations
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World Future Energy Summit

Dr. Eng. Ahmad Abdalla Hiyasat -Moderator

Dr.  Hiyasat recieved his PH.D in  Electrical Engineering from  Moscow Power  Institute ( MPI ) , Russia  in 1983 .

Dr.Hiyasat held many key positions : 

- Director General of Jordan Nuclear Power Company (JNPC) during  2015 – 2017 .

-Managing Director of " Orient Energy Services Company , ORESCO " during April 1. 2010 – 11/11/2015 .

-Managing Director of the National Electric Power Company of Jordan  (NEPCO) during the period 16/11/2002- 7/01/2010 .

Affiliations    :

Member of the Board of Irbid District Electricity Company during 2000-       2008 and 2011-2015 .

- Chairman of Jordan CIGRE National Committee during 2002-2010 ,

- President of (MEDELEC) Mediterranean Liaison Committee of Associations of Electricity Supply Undertakings during 2009.

- Distinguished Member of CIGRE / Paris .

- Honorary Member of Jordan CIGRE National Committee .

- Elected Member  of  the   Council  of  Electrical Engineering in the Jordanian Association of Engineers (JAE)  for  several years  .

- Member, for several years , of the Special Committee under JAE for  Evaluation of Engineering Degrees ,obtained from several countries.

- Member of several specialized state committees dealing with electricity and energy.





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