World Future Energy Summit
World Future Energy Summit

5-6, December  2018
Kempinski – Dead Sea
World Future Energy Summit
6th General Conference of Arab Union of Electricity
Electricity in the Arab World- Current Status And Future Aspirations
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World Future Energy Summit

Dr. Abd El Hamid Abbas El Desoky - Speaker

Dr. El Desoky  is the Vice Chairman of NPPA for Studies and Nuclear Affairs in Egypt .

he has a PH.D in Environmental Engineering and  M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering. 

Dr. El Desoky has participated in the following activities  : 

- Project manager for implementation the consultant contract for the first nuclear power plant pre-contract acctivites.

- Chef of the centeral technical work group for negotation with the Russia side for EPC contract , Operation and Maintenance contract, Fresh Fuel contract,and Spent fuel contract  for the first Egyptian nuclear power plants (4 units).

- Participation for conducting a feasibility study for a NPP project in Egypt for electricity generation and sea-water dsalination.

- Participation for Preparating of  bids invetation specifications (BIS)  for the  the first Egyptian NPP project.

- Participation for the first Egyptian NPP technology assessment.

- Member of the IAEA technical work group of the nuclear   desalination (TWG-ND).

- Chef of the nuclear power plants authority public acceptance group.

- Conducting national software for electricity power plants (including nuclear) financing and economic assessment.

 - Conducting study for Development of an Integrated Economic and Financial Assessment Tool for Power/Desalination Systems.

- Conducting study for "Development an Economic Assessment Tool for Power and desalinations Plants Impacts on Climate Change.

- Several studies in the Mechanical, nuclear and environmental engineering science (nuclear power plants studies, nuclear desalination, projects environmental impacts,  developments in the design and safety of nuclear power plants, countries nuclear activities, nuclear accidents analysis, nuclear conventions, computers and data base, training, technology transfer, nuclear media)

-  Publishing many scientific papers in the nuclear engineering inside and outside Egypt.



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