World Future Energy Summit
World Future Energy Summit

5-6, December  2018
Kempinski – Dead Sea
World Future Energy Summit
6th General Conference of Arab Union of Electricity
Electricity in the Arab World- Current Status And Future Aspirations
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World Future Energy Summit

About The Conference

In light of the technical, technological, economic, environmental and operational challenges facing the electricity sector in the Arab World which are being compounded due to the geopolitical situation in the region how can decision makers and specialists in this vital sector develop power systems in their countries in order to meet the future demand of the population and economic sectors.

 The conference discusses during two days the current status and future aspirations of electricity in the Arab World with emphasis on common concerns and constraints of electricity entities as well as general outlines of plans that are needed to deal with such difficulties and future challenges. This is considered a good opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences, local and worldwide, that can be used to formulate activities and plans for the future.

The presentation of technical and economic problems facing the electricity companies, during the conference, common grounds can be identified. This fortified with successful experiences in dealing with such problems will constitute some solutions which in turn will enhance the levels of system reliability, continuity of supply and reduction in production and delivery costs to consumers.

Renewable energy is one of the important issues to be discussed in the conference. RE is one of the economic and ecological solutions for the future of electricity in the Arab World as this region is blessed with excellent solar and wind regimes. Moreover, the cost of producing electricity from Re has become economically favorable to other conventional sources.

Electric network interconnections among the Arab Countries is a major item of discussion in the conference which will hopefully establish and improve commercial dealings between countries similar to what is happening in Europe and the USA. Interconnection is considered a necessity to reduce the huge financial burden of expanding the electricity networks of countries. Furthermore, it increases the reliability and continuity of supply of the interconnected systems.

Nuclear energy, with all negative connotations and unfortunate accidents, remains one of the available solutions for the future of electricity supply on the long term. Countries getting ready to employ nuclear energy must work hard for developing the technical and engineering personnel capable of dealing with the nuclear power technologies especially the operational and safety issues during emergencies and severe weather and natural conditions. The integration of nuclear energy and sea water desalination forms one advantage for a region that suffers from water shortage problems.

The conference addresses the vital issue of Inter -Arab energy integration with the aim of establishing a common Arab energy market. This idea builds on the European experience in establishing the common market where it started with a market for coal and steel and then developed to a full market.

The conference sessions are a mixture of lectures presenting the experience of the members of the Arab Union of Electricity and panel discussions involving experts from the Arab World to present and discuss ideas and concepts based on practical experiences and lessons learned.


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Dr.Saleh Alawaji- Keynote Speaker
Saudi Arabia
Eng. Jamila Matar - Keynote Speaker
Head of the energy department in arab league states (ALS)
Eng. Amani Al Azzam -Panel Member
Ministry Of Energy and Mineral Resources / Jordan
Dr. Hisham AL- Khatib - Panel Member
Eng. Walid Shahin - Moderator
The National Energy Research Center/Royal Scientific Society/ Jordan
Dr. Abd El Hamid Abbas El Desoky - Speaker
Nuclear Power Plants Authority (NPPA)\Egypt
Dr. Samir ALKotob -Speaker
Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development
Dr. Mohamed Yusuf AL-Hamad -Speaker
GCC Interconnection Authority
Dr. Eng. Ahmad Abdalla Hiyasat -Moderator
Eng. Haider Herez Yousif - Speaker
Ministry of Electricity - Iraq
Eng.Yousuf Ahmed Janahi - Moderator
Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA)/Qatar
Mrs. Loubna Farabi -Moderator
ONEE / Morocco
Eng. Abdelaziz Mouahid - /Speaker
ONEE / Morocco
Eng. Rayed Al-Harthi - Keynote Speaker
National Grid Company / Saudi Arabia
Eng.Mohamed Shaikh - Panel Member
Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Authority (GCCIA)
Eng.Mohannad Khalid Alghamdi- Speaker
Saudi Electricity Company / Saudi Arabia
Dr. Ibrahim Badran- Moderator
Philadelphia University - Jordan
Eng.Bruno Cova - Speaker
CESI / Italy
Eng. Hashim A Al Zahrani - Speaker
GCC Interconnection Authority
Eng. Amin Zaghal -Speaker
NEPCO / Jordan
Dr. Asma Dhakouani- Speaker
STEG / Tunisia
Eng. Mubarak Saleh Alkorbi -Speaker
Kahramaa - Qatar
Mr. Peter Lithgow - Speaker
Nebras Power
Eng. Salah Al - Alaween - Speaker
NEPCO - Jordan
Eng. Omneya Algowainy - Speaker
New & Renewable Energy Authority / Egypt
Dr.Fawaz Elkarmy - Moderator
The higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST) / Jordan
Mr. Walid Suraih - Speaker
World Bank
Eng. Mohammad Ibrahim- Speaker
Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC) / Egypt
Eng. Bahjat Aulimat - Speaker
Jordan Nuclear Power Company (JNPC) / Jordan

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